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Garden Party

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When Mia was turning 7 she decided she wanted to celebrate in the garden at her grandparents house.   I could not  have been happier!  I have so many wonderful memories in this garden and was pleased to be able to add this celebration to my list.   

I am feeling nostalgic  at the moment as this home of my childhood was sold many months ago with settlement looming in the next couple of weeks.  While I am carrying an overwhelming feeling of sadness over the handing over of our family home I naturally understand the need to move beyond the bricks and mortar and am drawing solace from this quote by Sam Ewing:

“When you finally go back to your old home, you find it wasn’t the old home you missed but your childhood.”

While I will miss this home terribly I know it is my childhood I will always miss more.

This beautiful party in the garden was a wonderful way to celebrate Mia’s Birthday and add to the stockpile of happy memories in our Beautiful Family Home.


 Cake Pops-Find recipe at 

 Bug in a Box Party Favors were a huge hit!  Open the box to reveal a little wiggly faux  bug.  Purchased at

Treasure hunt in the swamplands using our favorite hand painted gems by Christine at

And we also hunted for peacock feathers in the garden…and found these gorgeous little friends hiding here and there… 

Mud Pies-made by Me…Wafer edible butterflies purchased via

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