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More Rainbow Party Ideas.

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I love that a rainbow party gives us permission to pack as many party ideas and colours as possible into one party…and sometimes that is exactly what we need!

However…I like to think  that sometimes we can throw a rainbow party without all the hoopla and perhaps a tiny smidge less food colouring…

Here are a few ideas I love…


Gorgeous little rainbow party at

I particularly love the letter decoration craft idea.  Little artists can paint and embellish their first initial to take home.  These letters are available at Spotlight in Melbourne.



Rainbow Balloon Garland

I Love balloons…I think they have a timeless, slightly retro/whimsical quality that makes them an obvious choice for a party-particularly a rainbow party.

And this looks fabulous!

Find the tutorial at



Thanks to my lovely friend Breaser for the inspiration on this one…


Rainbow ribbon bunting.  Purchase this at…



Bird Warbler-water whistles…Remember these?  A small amount of water is put into the bottom of these little birds creating a lovely bird warble when you blow into them.

Available at

Create a froot-loop necklace-gorgeous (and inexpensive) edible craft.  Love the use of the colored frames to capture a snap of children’s creations.

Find details at





 One of my favorite rainbow parties…find details at  


Party Games…


Pass The Parcel.

Wrap your pass the parcel in a rainbow of colours-each layer revealing the prize.

Love these badges as prizes for a rainbow party at:

And for rainbow tissue paper try:


Treasure hunt!  Decorate white treat bags with a rainbow using markers or sticker dots.  

Hide treasures in the garden-My favorite treasures can be found at http:

Christine hand paints these gems and they are the perfect size for little hands and little pockets.  One in every colour of the rainbow would create a wonderful engaging game of look and find.  Finish your rainbow treasure hunt with miniature pots of gold containing chocolate coins!



 And of course don’t forget to book your party table with Littlechair.

Belinda x

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