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Ribbon garland cake topper

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Inspired by this beautiful party by I decided to try my hand at a ribbon garland for our rainbow party cake.  

I wanted a simple rainbow cake without the food coloring-and lets be honest without the work!  

I loved the look of the beautiful glossy ribbons seen in this image…and with this in mind I purchased my ribbons for my cake garland at Spotlight (Melbourne).  

The assembly process is soooo simple.  

We used 5mm satin ribbon in rainbow colours and string.  

Cut the ribbons into 10-15cm lengths-you will need 5-8 ribbons lengths in each colour for a 20cm cake.  

Fold ribbon piece in half and loop around your string grouping colours together.  

Continue until your rainbow is complete.  

Trim the ends of your ribbons creating a uniform hem line.

Attach string to skewers ready to embellish your rainbow cake.



While the cake itself was a mild catastrophe-please don’t look too closely…The simple rainbow ribbon cake garland looked lovely for our rustic rainbow party at the park.


 Belinda x

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