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Spring Party

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I LOVE the seasonal rhythm birthday parties bring to our family. Miss 7 knows that when the leaves on the trees start to turn that its time to start planning for her April Birthday Party, while  Mr 4 starts planning his Summer Soiree from the day after Christmas.  Likewise Miss 7 and Mr 4 know their Birth Day stories so well now it makes me smile to hear them retelling them to each other…and anyone else who will listen.  Miss 7 knows that on the day of her arrival the leaves on our ‘plane tree lined street’ had already fallen and covered the path I walked with heavy feet to our car making a swish, swish sound as I went.  She knows that it was a beautiful Autumn morning with a chill to the air and a sunny sky above.  She also knows that the night before her birth I sat in her room for most of the night by the light of her pretty green fairy lights wondering about the little-person within.  Miss 7 loves to recount the fact that on her first day in the world she squeezed her eyes shut ALL DAY and most of the night…opening them cautiously when there was no-one in the room except her and Mummy.  

And so…when we shared our news with Miss 7 and Mr 4 in Autumn last year of our baby number 3 due to arrive in September , there was much discussion about what ‘Season’ this baby would be ?  It was decided that we should put flowers into the garden to welcome our baby in spring…and so in April we lovingly placed Freesia bulbs deep into the ground around our home.  During the weeks that led to Baby’s arrival we noticed with much excitement one by one the freesias start to appear randomly in our garden beds.  Each Beautiful Freesia seemed to take us another step closer to our baby’s arrival and we all welcomed the distraction while we waited…

Our Baby Boy arrived on a beautiful spring day in September last year, and as I walked to the car on the way to hospital I could smell freesias in the air, and see the cheerful dots of color throughout our garden beds.  Of course Miss 7 and Mr 4 greeted us in hospital after baby’s arrival bearing a beautiful bunch of hand-picked Freesias which sat in a vase beside our bed for our stay…

I did not  remove the bulbs from the garden after they had flowered as ‘they’ say you are supposed to do….and to our surprise one by one our Freesias have flowered again this spring…just in time for our Baby Boys first birthday.  

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  1. Beautiful blog post Belinda! That is lovely your children know stories about their birth! I will have to remember to tell my kids too as they grow !

    • Just so lovely to read…..beautiful memories for years to come!

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