Party furniture for little people

Vintage party…..

Posted on March 23, 2016 | 0 comments

It’s hard to move away from a themed party these days – my youngest is desperate to have a Minion party. So now in the lead up to the party I’m searching for Minion themed items when really all I want to do it search for vintage items – recreate a party ‘like in the olden days’ as my kids would say!! Which perhaps is just feeding my desire to be a kid again! Boys and girls playing a pass the parcel that only has one present at the end, an ice cream cake – I think back then it was just about the party – kids being together. Not about the theme or the activity – bounce, bowling, dancing etc..the options, these days, are endless.
Which is why I think I find myself so comfortable at Littlechair – it is just about the party and creating the perfect space for little boys and girls to enjoy being together. Right next to the birthday girl and boy and each other – at a little table just the right size for just little people – no big people allowed!!
Where you take it from there is bound only by the imagination – ‘olden day’ games or present day games. Either way the children will love it.
Regardless of what type of party you are planning we have the furniture to suit – we even have a new chair to add to our range….


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